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With water and soils Microbe Scan is able to get determine what pathogens are in the sample that you provide to us and enumerate the size of the colonies.  We utilize a number of instruments to aid us as well as plating.   

Our Instruments:

The Amnis Flowsight Cytometer allows us to take a sample that is in a liquid form and then take pictures of the pathogens in the sample, remove the debrie and count the bacteria, and or fungi in the sample.

The omnilog allows us to identify pathogens in a sample by determining the species and then identify the organism based upon what is in our database of hundreds of thousands of indentified named organisms.  As there are still many organisms there is a chance that we only learn the type of organism and from there would have to do further testing to name the organism and then add that organism to the databases of named organisms.

The Vidas 

The Tempo



Our Services:

If you are interested in a price quote for any of our services please feel free to contact us.  

Dr Micheal Ndengele will be glad to get your project information and create a quote for you.

You can call Dr. Ndengele at 314-645-2177 ext 101