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Eleanor Roosevelt stated "Great mind discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."  Such wisdom is easily lost in our fast paces society that is filled with entertainment that seeks to build brands based upon open behavior.  We prefer to look forward and discuss ideas that will improve the world.

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Food Safety

Food borne illnesses place huge strains on the productivity and health of communities.  Children who who are sickened by food and water loose out on precious opportunities to learn and grow intellectually.  Adults are impacted by becoming less productive at work and loose out on income opportunities that could improve the local economies.

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Water and food quality as well as prevention of water- and food borne diseases are becoming challenging tasks requiring combined and immediate efforts by communities and public health officers.

So what is Microbe Scan doing to make a difference? 

Microbe Scan is striving to develop and commercialize technologies and protocols that assist in reducing risks associated with potential water and food contamination by microbe pathogens.

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